And somebody shaved my cat

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I groom cats for a living. That means that I actually charge for this service and make money at it. And in doing so, I make life better for kitties and their owners. For Email Marketing you can trust. I am also an advocate for cats.
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Why did someone shave my cat?

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Someone has stolen my cat | TheCatSite

For example, he is long haired and he has very soft fur he looks like — and has the precise personality of — a Norwegian Forest Cat. Perhaps someone just loved it so much they had to save some. See, this is making me nuts. I checked out the links some posted and gave the cat a good inspection. What it is is a very rectangular patch of fur running the length and width of his belly oddly shorter than the rest of the hair on his body, exposing all his nipples, as well as a chunk of short stubbly fur in one place near his leg on the top of his body. He does not seem stressed out, and is by definition the exact opposite of high-strung — very mellow and relaxed. There have been no environmental changes that we know of that might trigger this kind of licking.
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Someone has stolen my cat...

On arrival at the shelter one morning, shelter supervisor Liz Begovich and her collegues came across an animal carrier, with a huge ball of unidentifiable fluff inside. What could this poor creature be? It was time to open the carrier and find out. The cat was a prisoner of its own fur, barely able to move under the tangled, matted layers. He was overweight due to lack of exercise, and whoever had owned him must presumably just brought food and water and put it right under his nose.
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